Griff Carolak is Duke of Tenh. The Ducal seat is in Nevond Nevnend.

Text of Declaration from His Radiance the DukeEdit

By these presents let all men know.

That we do appoint our trusted servant Braccanadril Copperglade to be the mayor of the town of Albarg in our realm, that he shall have all military civil and religious authority needful to secure the safety of our subjects, to promote their well being, and to assure the efficient and reliable administration of the mechanisms of state,

Save that in all matters he shall enforce our express will and

That he shall have no authority to treat with parties foreign in our name.

That this office shall his remain at our pleasure.

That this same Braccanadril shall have the style of a Knight Commander and all appurtenances thereto, this also at our pleasure.

In earnest of which we have herein and hereto set our hand, this third Starday of Flocktime, in the year commonly accounted Five Hundred and Seventy Eight.

Griff Carolak

His Radiance the Duke

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